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Objective 1
Improving the educational process in 15 primary schools and 15 kindregartens to be inclusive and to provide higher quality education for children with different abilities without discrimination, in 3 governorates by the end of the project.


Activity (1)
Implementation of Teacher's training scheme in three levels

Activity (2)
Follow-up of teachers in schools and support them to apply the training program practically

Activity (3)
Training of " school inclusion team" ( motivated teachers +special education teachers) to give technical support to their colleagues in schools

Activity (4)
Holding monthly meetings with teachers in schools to exchange experience, support them and enhance cooperation among them

Activity (5)
Holding regular meetings with supervisors and senior teachers to enhance their role in supervision and guidance

Activity (6)
Holding an annual meeting in the governorate for target schools to present methodology , tools and different activities

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