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Save the Children (UK)
The Middle East and North Africa


We're working flat-out to right the fundamental wrongs that affect children.  Too many children are still dying because they haven't got enough food or because they can't get treatment for simple illnesses.  Millions aren't getting an education and are being exploited and abused.  This is not good enough.

We're changing this, partly by working directly with children, and partly by using our experience and influence to persuade governments and others who are responsible for children to do the right thing by them.
We seek out the most marginalized children, wherever they are in the world, so that means we work in a really broad range of countries, from fragile states like Afghanistan, to developed countries like here in the UK.  We work closely with our colleagues in the International Save the Children Alliance, both in our programmes with children and in our international campaigns and advocacy work.

We have high ambitions for what's achievable for children - we aim to inspire dramatic change for children and to involve them in creating that change.  We'd like you to get involved too.

What we do?

We are leaders in transforming attitudes toward children and on some issues we have completely changed what is accepted as the norm for children in the world today.
And we have high ambitions for inspiring future breakthroughs for children through our policy, campaigning, programatic and emergency response work

Campaigning and advocacy work

Influencing decision-makers is all about making the right arguments to the right people at the right time.

Help us get those arguments heard

Issues we focus on

We focus on four fundamental rights for children:
health, freedom from hunger, education and protection.

Find out more about our policy work

Emergency responses

Every year the lives of more than 60 million children are caught up in emergencies. We respond quickly to their immediate needs.

Read about our current emergency responses

Countries we work in

We are currently working in 52 countries around the world, running long-term programmes and emergencies responses.

Learn more about the countries we work in


Millions of school-age children will never see the inside of a classroom. Millions more find themselves in overcrowded classrooms with untrained and underpaid teachers and no books or equipment.

Around 77 million children do not go to school. Millions more drop out of primary school before they get a basic educationWe make sure children growing up in the toughest circumstances get a decent education - in particular, children facing conflict, poverty and discrimination.

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