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Integration's inclusion is  
  • Philosophy based on the belief that all people are equal and should respect and appreciation on the basis of the principles of human rights.
  • A set of procedures endless, which can be for children and adults with disabilities to participate in all the activities of the community in which disabled persons of others.
  • Education of children with disabilities in schools that could belong to if they were not disabled.
  • Secure the support and services needed by the parents, children with disability in order to be natural sites.
  • Support regular education teachers (regular) and administrators.
  • Enable children with disabilities to follow the same programmes watched third-disabled children.
  • Promote a charity between children with disabilities and non-disabled peers.
  • Teachers and administrators take these concerns seriously
  • Teaching all children to understand and accept differences

(UNESCO - the United Nations Commission on the Rights of the Child October 6, 1997 Centre Human Rights city of Geneva).

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