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Experimental Stage

Pilot Project
The pilot project was conducted by Seti Center supported by Ministry of Education, UNESCO, Save the Children UK Organization.

Main goal
Testing the results of including children with special needs in regular classes with other children in Kindegraten and primary school
General goals
Changing the society's mind regarding education for children with special needs inclusion in ordinary schools with their ordinary peers
Helping children with special needs be a partial part of society through getting people accustomed to differences among each other

Duration: 1998 till 2001
Place: Egypt
Lower Egypt: Alexandria
Upper Egypt: Al-Menya

Planning phase
In 1998 and 1999, the plan ,the structure and personnel were prepared. Schools (2 schools in each governorate) were selected. Teachers and their assistants were assigned. The project was officially accepted.

Experimental phase
It started at the beginning of the academic year 1999/2000and lasted for two academic years. Hereunder the procedures:
1) Enrolling children with special needs in the selected schools
2) Follow-up of children's progress by Seti's support Team on both academic and the social levels through weekly visits , in addition to assistance in handling some problems
3) Raising school community awareness through meetings for directors and parents .
4) Providing schools with some books and educational tools.
5) Training teachers ;condensed training courses and ongoing training
6) Organizing workshops, trips, camps and celebrations.
7) Regularly evaluating the project progress through regular meetings and evaluation forms then analysis and interpretation of data.

A number of experts from Seti Center and external consultants evaluated the pilot stage. This evaluation was conducted by direct observation and individual and group interviews, with the project target groups. Hereunder the outcomes.

First: Achieving goals
Evaluation was performed according to the specified criteria to verify whether the goals were achieved or not, The results were :

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