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Inclusion is  
A philosophy based on the belief that all people are equal and should be respected and appreciated .on the basis of Human Rights' Principles.
A set of endless procedures, through which children and adults with disabilities could participate in all community activities with non-disabled persons .
  Welcome to Inclusive Education Project  
Welcome to Inclusive Education project The project aims to provide educational opportunities for children with disability in three governorates in Egypt to improve the quality of education and to establish inclusive education models which can be generalized at the national level .
Every child has a fundamental right to education and should be given the opportunity to receive an acceptable level of education and maintain it. Schools should accept all students regardless of their physical, intellectual, social ,emotional, linguistic or any other condition. The basic principle of the idea of a welcoming school is that all pupils should learn together whenever possible, regardless of any differences or difficulties. Welcoming schools should admit the diversity of the needs of students and respond to them.
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