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A mother of a child with special needs

Four years ago, I joined the project as volunteer in inclusive schools.

I have never imagined that my son would be one of those children served by this great project . All efforts to enroll my son in any nursery or school, were in vain. Principals flatly refused the idea.

Their refusal and their hurtful comments ( like: "such children don't belong"; "We can never enroll disabled children with normal students". "They are like primitive jungle men " ) disappointed me.

My son joined a centre for children with special needs. But, deep down, I have firmly believed that he has the right to a higher level of education. Finally, the dream has come true thanks to that project aiming at inclusion of children with special needs in regular schools.

My son's life has tremendously changed. On the one hand, he has greatly influenced by his colleagues. He is no longer getting his tongue out of his mouth; he awaits for the school bus like his peers& neighbours. This boots my confidence. On the other hand, he has gained a high level of competence; he can be dictated a three-line text, read well and write.

In addition, he is now able to speak more fluently than before as a result of dealing with his colleagues in school. The inclusion project is truly a glimmer of hope for every parent of a child with special needs who suffers the same problem in such a society that dehumanizes those children. What kind of society is that in which the needs of children are not filfilled. Those children are human beings who have rights at the top of which is education.


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