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Zeyad and Mariam

"I like playing with Mariam because she is nice and she likes playing", said Zeyad (6 years old).

"I love school because I play with my friends. In summer, I get fed up with playing with my young sister and I want to go back to school", said Mariam (6 years old, who suffers from Down's syndrome). Mariam is enrolled in Ammar Bin Yaser School (Alwayly Educational Authority ) which is one of the project's schools. "Zeyad and other kids in the class understand what Mariam says and sometimes they explain it to the teacher.

They don't feel that she is diffrent. We can't blame the kids for their fear when they see their colleagues with a wide flat face, and sloping eyes, and suffer some difficulties in speaking.

We should get them to know how to deal with kids with special needs and to make them aware of the differences regarding appearance and mental ability, and get them accustomed to that", said the social worker.

The project aims at achieving the previously mentioned goals, applying various activities in-class as well as in-yard which help children to participate & interact with each other..

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