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A teacher in one of the inclusive schools

" I'm graduated from Faculty of Kindergartens and I have been working as a teacher for 4 years. I haven't much information about people with disabilities.

However, the training courses that I have joined since taking part in the project have made me able to deal with those kids in my classes, create the suitable educational tools & adis and apply what I had learnt in college efficiently.

At the very beginning, the whole matter was not easy at all; I had about 37 children in class. Also, parents of other children were afraid and warried about thier kids. But going through the experience has changed my thoughts & aittitudes.

After the first week, children with special needs interacted with me and started partticipating in various activities. Parents started feeling friendship& intimacy among children which relieved their fears.

Ihope that the curricula would be modified to enable every child to gain a better level of competence which leads to fruitful reasults.

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